Prices and booking

Price example

Rental accommodation (excl spa)
9000 SEK / week (1500 SEK / day min 2 days)
13000 SEK / week high season


Economy package - acconondation and spa
2000 SEK + 1000S EK/person (min 6000 SEK)

No sheets / towels / bathrobes

You clean both the house and the SPA before you leave.

De luxe-package - acconondation and spa
4000 SEK + 1000 SEK/person (min 7000 SEK)

Includes linen / towels and bathrobes
We clean the house and Spa for you


Contact me to put together a package to suit you. We can provide blah. accommodation, conference, catering, SPA, fishing, golf and more.

Additional services


4000 SEK / week 2000 SEK / night
SPA can only be rented in conjunction with the accommodation, or by arrangement

(Rainbow trout) 1000 SEK / week (3 kg)

Final Cleaning house

1000 SEK

Final Cleaning SPA
500 SEK

Linen / towel 
100 SEK /set

Bathrobe / towel
70 SEK /set

The mill is for rent weekly during the summer season from June - July and August Other times as request.